Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, I've decided that blogging isn't difficult but, my life is not exciting.

So with that warning I will tell you about my weekly trip to Bowling Green. I go to the chiropractor, Hobby Lobby, Kroger, and the Bark Park. Yep, it's a park for dogs and Gwen loves it. Smelling is the top priority followed by all the other dog socializing etiquette.

It is a very pretty park and you see all breeds of dogs. I find the owners are as unique as the dogs.

My grandpuppies have been here and loved it. I wish they could come back now that spring is here.

Come see me and I'll take you to the Bark Park!


  1. What a goreous girl! I wanna rub that spotted belly :-)
    Nice park! Is that your trusty Tahoe I spy in the background?

  2. OK, I do know how to spell...that should read "gorGeous"...duh!