Thursday, August 6, 2009

I need photography lessons

I have been cross stitching. I had several projects that were done except for the over one part, which I hate. But I am getting better at it. As I get the over one done, I'll try to post a photo. The challenge is taking the photo. I can't get rid of shadows indoors or, I've decided it's the camera and not the operator. Anyways, I have a couple more projects to finish up and get framed. And maybe I can get some ideas on taking better photos.

I'm off to find a garage sale since I cannot find a thing at the thrift stores around here and I don't want to do over one.


  1. Oh, she's a beauty and i love the verse you put on this!

  2. yes, I saw that SP Halloween sampler and love it so much! Gotta get it!

  3. Your work is just lovely!
    Thanks so much for coming over and becoming a follower, so nice to "meet" you!